CITB or Equivalent Scaffolding Supervisor and Advance Scaffolders - South East Asia and Indian


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CITB or Equivalent scaffolders and Advance Scaffolders
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Scaffolding ,Offshore,Supervision
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Position - CITB or Equivalent Approved Scaffolding Supervisors and Advance Scaffolders

Nationality - Malaysian or Brunei or Thailand or Philippines or Indian



(a) He is responsible for the erection and maintenance of all scaffolding. He shall ensure that all scaffolding materials and erected structures conform to COMPANY HSSE standards.

(b) He shall also ensure that the “Scafftag” system of inspection is implemented on all scaffolding, and that all scaffolding is correctly recorded in the scaffolding register including re-inspections.

(c) Having been advised by the Construction Supervisor or the Senior Yard Supervisor that scaffolding is required he shall check the duty and loading. He is then responsible to design, plan and supervise the erection of the scaffolding. He is to apply hands on methods of supervising, assisting the scaffolders working for him and explaining why the scaffold is built as it is.

(d) For the “Scafftag” system, he shall be the recognized authority to sign the “Scafftag” as fit for use.

(e) He is to ensure that all scaffold personnel work to the highest safety standards and pay special attention to the use of work vests and safety belts/harnesses. He is responsible for checking that all scaffolding materials are regularly inspected and maintained, and ensuring that all fittings and couplers are lubricated and kept in good working order and that all tubes and boards are in good condition.

(f) He is to train and develop the Bruneian scaffolders on the job to improve their knowledge and performance. He is to pay special attention towards developing their safety awareness.


CITB, EITB Advance Scaffolding Certificates or equivalent, a minimum of ten years experience as a scaffolder in he construction industry of which 6 years should be in the oil and gas industry and minimum of 5 years in a supervisory capacity. He shall be able to read, write and speak English and Malay. Preferably a Bruneian.



(a) He directly reports to the Scaffolding Supervisor, but will normally work under the direction of the Rigger Supervisor.

(b) He shall control and direct a team of scaffolders working independently on a platform or at a remote location.

(c) He shall ensure approved procedure are adopted for the erection, modification and dismantling of all types of scaffolding.


(a) He shall have satisfactory passed the requirements of the Advanced Scaffolder course Level 2.

(b) He shall have spent a minimum of 5 years working offshore as a scaffolder, 2 of which will have been as a Charge hand.

Location - Brunei

Must have all Offshore certs.

Start Date - Mid of October

Salary Range of Scaffolding Supervisor - Offshore / Onshore - BND1500 - BND1800.

Salary Range of Advance Scaffolder - Offshore / Onshore - BND1000 - BND1200.

If anyone interested you can send your CV and Certs to our mail id -

Project Start date - Oct 2016.

All Facilities will be given by the Client.