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About Us


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We Serve Business solutions with Excellence


Synigence Global Services Pvt Ltd is a stalwart in sourcing workforce for various domains in the industry. Primarily in sectors like Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Construction, Marine  Engineering, Scaffolding, Automobile and BPO/KPO, Banking, Accounting, Finance, etc. We offer end to end elite consultancy solutions across the globe which ensures your projects are completed in a timely fashion and with optimum quality of services. With years of experience and constant motivation, our seeds of concept & ideas have been nurtured into a tree called Synigence. Our far fetching connections in the industry enable us to assemble a team of workers anywhere in minimum time. Our team comprises of well-trained skilled professionals who are extremely adept in their streams of expertise with boundless experience.

              Synigence believes in sourcing the most inimitable professionals in the field to give premium quality services. To ensure this we have intensified research and analysis to procure the best tools & machinery as well assembles an impressive index of certified, qualified & highly experienced specialists. These resources are professionals who are certified and possess exemplary qualifications in their respective field. Armed with skills, knack & diligence our manpower is the best-in-class. We are proud to proclaim that we can outsource certified professionals in any part of the world.


Motivated by principles of integrity,perseverance and challenges, Synigence believes in hard core ethics, taking initiatives and going an extra mile to serve our valuable clients. We wish to gain the trust and camaraderie of our clients that can propel our growth and reputation.


To accomplish the status of a flagship consultancy offering solutions in any industry across the globe. We wish to establish a brand value that speaks for itself and sets a benchmark for our competitors.


To scale heights of success in our business by setting up a wide network of clients and associates across the world in the field of Consultancy, Engineering, Finance, Shipping and Oil & Gas domain. Simultaneously offering opportunities of growth to resources belonging to these aforementioned sectors.