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Compex Inspection - Hazardous Area Inspection:

Synigence Global provides Compex certified and highly experienced IEEE certified engineers, electricians and technicians with expertise in hazardous area IEC. ATEX, IEEE compliance.
We deliver hazardous area inspections for customers across a wide range of industries, including the Chemical, Steel, Oil, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Offshore & Heavy Engineering industries.
Synigence Global can assist customers with optimising their Ex-asset performance, safety, and integrity through delivering the following services:

  • • New & Existing Equipment’s Ex Inspection.

  • • Implementation & formulation of Ex Hazardous Area Inspections.

  • • Verifying data of installed Ex equipment.

  • • Compilation of database of clients and Ex- Registers.

  • • Ensuring all regulatory compliances.

  • • Reviewing and reporting on current procedures and identifying gaps.

  • • Documents related to Explosion Protection.

  • • Ex Maintenance, Installation and Repair.

Under Hazardous area inspections, we ensure compliance in existing and new plants with respect to electrical installation placed in potentially explosive environment.
We help our clients in the integrity of their Ex- Systems and Equipment and provide a blueprint to ensure all compliances. Essentially, we help our client in overall asset management. We endeavour to provide the best quality while keeping the cost reasonable.
Under our Compex Inspection Services:
• Our Inspectors provide schedules for Hazardous Area Inspections.
• Deliver Hazardous Area Inspection reports.
• Ensure compliance with latest international codes practises & standards.
• Ensure timely corrective actions are taken.
Our qualified Complex Inspectors / IEEE engineers are experienced in working with combustible dust, explosive vapours and gases & safe systems.